The  Millennial   Running  Study

A study to understand the social and economic behaviors of Millennials who participate in running events across the United States.

Presented by RunningUSA and RacePartner

Research conducted by Achieve



Nearly 42 million Americans are considered runners today, with 25- to 34-year-olds representing the largest age group.*

RacePartner and Running USA have partnered to publish the first-ever research study to find out why so many millennials (born 1980-2000) get involved in running, and what organized running events can do to keep them interested and engaged.

The study, which is the first of its kind for endurance sports, takes a two-phase approach. The first phase of the study conducted earlier this year surveyed event directors and Running USA membership to provide interest areas for the results of the upcoming study.

The first phase of the Millennial Running Study was released at the 2016 Running USA Conference. Download Phase I of the Millennial Running Study.

Phase II of the Millennial Running Study includes commentary from qualitative interviews in an effort to further explain and support elements of millennial runners’ health and fitness, running experience and philanthropy, with a focused examination of their interest and participation in event volunteerism.

The second phase of the Millennial Running Study was released in September 2016. Download Phase II of the Millennial Running Study.




Feedback from race directors: What information will inform future planning?


Survey of Millennial run/race/walk participants


Qualitative feedback from focus groups, user tests and behavior tracking

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RacePartner is a fully integrated endurance registration, fundraising and website solution. We work with large events, local events and everything in between. RacePartner sponsored the first-ever Millennial Running Study, a research study seeking to understand the social and economic behaviors of millennials who participate in running events across the United States.

Running USA is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization devoted to improving the status and experience of distance running and racing in the United States through collective marketing and promotions, information and communications within the industry and to the national media, services to events and industry members, and the development of American world class stars. It seeks the advancement of the sport and the provision of value to each of its members’ events and businesses. For more information, visit

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